Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Spirit!

Usually this time of year I am pulling my hair out. Since traveling with my husband, our time at home is very limited. In the past few years we get home two days before Christmas and decorate, shop and have our family over in such a rush, I sometimes cringe at the thought.

This year we were home over Thanksgiving, we used our time wisely, we decorated, shopped and even baked a few Christmas cookies. So now when we do return home, we can do a few small details and enjoy the season with our family and friends. It just seems much more relaxed to me and I am really into the holiday spirit this year.

The month of December is sometimes so busy we just don't take the time to sit back and enjoy the holiday season, however you may spend it. This year, I am going to enjoy the season, not let myself feel stressed or sad. I am going to embrace the good with the bad.

How about you? Do you embrace and enjoy the holidays? or do you find them overwhelining and can't wait for it all to be over with?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks For The Little Things

During this time of year we always seem to remember to give thanks for many things in our life, Families, friends, health. Sometimes I think we forget to give thanks for the little things. Like our pets who bring us much joy and happiness, the clerk at the grocery store who always has a smile for us. How about the mail carrier or delivery person? Just ordinary everyday people or things that make our life a little bit easier, better or more convenient. Remember during this time of reflection and thanks to give thanks for the little things!

Are you thankful for something, you may not think of daily? If so what is it?

Monday, November 16, 2009

When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

WELCOME! To my first official Blog! Please sit back enjoy and feel free to comment below!

     When I grow up I want to be……… a ballerina, a doctor, a teacher, a writer? WHAT?? How many of us out there said we wanted to “grow up” to be a writer?

     To be honest I think very few, so how does one go from wanting to be a Playboy Bunny (because I had neither, boobs or legs for it), to being a writer? 

     Somewhere a little seed is planted in our brains, and we dug out a little journal, notebook, napkin, whatever we could and started jotting down notes, or making up stories about the girls we hated in school, because they got the boys we loved in school and pretty soon, a story developed, then another and another and one day someone said, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and you proudly smiled and said with enthusiasm, “A WRITER!”

     Then, they laughed at you and crushed those dreams and hopes, so you hid those journals, notebooks and napkins where no one could find them. Only one day, after the kids are gone, the house is quiet and life seems to be at a standstill you dig them out and declare “When I grow up I AM going to be a writer!”

     So embarking on your new journey as a writer, you reach out and find there are hundreds of other want to be writers out there. Writer’s who support each other, through rejection and success. Writer’s who stand beside you and cheer you on, even when you feel like a failure or lose hope. Writer’s, who now have become your lifeline on a daily basis, because, well don’t’ we all need someone to tell us we can do it sometime? 

     I love to write, being published would be an awesome goal for me to reach, but more than that I love the “writers world” I enjoy being the cheerleader and coaching my friends to reach out and explore their horizons. I love to relish in their success with them and cry when they are sad. When I “grow up” I may not be a famous writer, but I hope I will always be a respected friend in the writer’s world. 

     So did you always want to be a writer? How about a Playboy Bunny? Doctor or Teacher, if not what would you do if you could be anything you wanted?